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Neeta Ambani beauty routine

by Madhvi Bansal
Neeta Ambani beauty routine

The more alluring it is to have a glowing skin, the tougher it is to achieve it. Everyone is impressed by the eternal beauty Neeta Ambani has managed to attain even at the age of 55, but I must tell you its hard to give what it takes to maintain it. Mrs Ambani has to follow most strictest of the routines in order to maintain her beauty. Her day starts with a bed tea which reportedly cost a whooping 3 lakhs,  it is said to be imported from Malaysia. It is a blend of herbs which have great anti aging properties. That’s why it costs 3 lakhs for a one time tea.

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What follows is a round of detox water consumption, reportedly she intakes 4 different types of detox water which help in the detoxification of different kinds of unwanted elements from the body. Her breakfast includes a fruit juice compulsorily, a good amount of almonds and walnuts,  boiled vegetables may vary from day to day, sprouts are always part of the breakfast with occasional inclusion of multi grain bread. 

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To maintain the charm of her glowing face she opts for a facial once in a day,  with pedicure and manicure to follow at regular intervals during the week.  She uses certain anti aging creams prescribed by the top most skin specialists of the world. She reportedly goes for a weekly check up to her dermatologist. 

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Her lunch is specifically defined to regulate the amount of protein and carbs inflow in her body,  she is prescribed to eat minimum possible carbs. Eating sweets is almost prohibited for her as it may have negative impacts on her skin. Special attention is given to the fact that she must intake the maximum possible fluids in her body. To monitor all this a doctor always accompanies her wherever she goes. 

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