Negative impact of social media on youth

by Madhvi Bansal

Technology has been proved as a boon for us in many ways. Mobiles,computers ,etc. have become an important part of our lives. The use of the internet and social media have made it possible for us to interact on a global basis. But the use of social media has also been proved as harmful in some way or the other. It mainly attracts teenagers and youngsters.

How are the youngsters and teens affected by social media?

The maximum use of social media can have mental as well as physical effects on the youth. It can lead to serious problems like facebook depression, cyberbullying, sleep deprivation, lower self- esteem internet addiction, etc. They even forget to live life to its fullest and enjoy it without recording the incidents in their phones and posting them on social media.

By constantly checking their phones for any notifications or constantly checking the feeds can lead to FOMO and even lack of concentration.

Depression is yet another factor which can occur by comparing from the others and feeling inferior from their happy and luxurious life. An average adult uses social media for at least 4 to 6 hours. Hence, doing less of the physical activity make them lazier and can also make them feel lonely.

Most of the youth use social media to gain attention and waste their time. They feel they have lost their identity if you take it away from them. Children cherish this way of connecting themselves from their friends. They have forgotten the one to one way of interaction. They prefer to remain inside their houses and communicate with their friends on social media.

This social media addiction in children has also become an important part of parenting. Parents play an important role in guiding their children in the right way to use social media. As everything in this world comes with some positives and negatives. It is in our hands to use it in the productive and the right way possible.