Becoming A Mother At A Later Age? Keep These Things In Mind Before Planning Late Pregnancy

by Shatakshi Gupta

Age is one of the most considerable factors for becoming a mother. If you are avoiding the right age to become a mother, then it creates difficulties in many ways. Fertility also decreases with increasing age and the risk associated also increases. In this article, we will tell you what experts say to keep in mind if you become a mother at an old age.

 The perfect age

The age between 20-29 is the perfect age for pregnancy. Fertility is highest at this age.  Therefore, this age is considered the best for pregnancy.  Good quality eggs are maximum in the body at this age. The risks of pregnancy are also very low during this phase.

 The age between 30 and 39

When females enter this age, fertility starts declining at this age, thus decreasing the number of eggs. The risk of miscarriage and genetic abnormality begins to increase after the age of 35. Also, during this time there are difficulties in getting normal delivery. The foetus also may face health problems. Chances of miscarriage also increase during this time.  In such a situation, gynaecologists sometimes recommend extra examination for the mother and her baby.  Problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure are more common in women at this age of.  This increases the risk of diabetes in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia (a pregnancy-related hypertensive disorder).

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After the age of 40

At this age, the probability of conception fall by 35 per cent.  The reason behind this is the decrease in number and quality of eggs, which hinders the process of conception.  Although women up to the age of 40 can also give birth to a child with a healthy pregnancy, the risk may also increase significantly.

At this age, other associated risks are birth of an undeveloped baby, low birth weight, congenital defects, stillbirth i.e. infant death after birth. In such a situation, after this age, doctors have to do extra tests to understand the risk.

You can freeze eggs for future

If you are planning to become a mother after a few years, then egg freezing can be done.  According to experts, women under 38 years of age can get egg freezing.  This can significantly reduce the risk of prognosis in the process future. This is done under the strict supervision of the entire process expert.

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Many treatment techniques

If you are over 35 years of age and you want to become pregnant within 6 months, then you may face problems related to fertility. Techniques such as Assisted Reproducing Technologies (ART) can help in conception with the help of medication or IVF.