PM Modi Visit To Bangladesh; Strengthen Ties Between Two Countries

by Shatakshi Gupta

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave several gifts to Bangladesh on his visit to the neighbour country. PM Modi handed over 1.2 million doses of the Corona vaccine to PM Sheikh Hasina there. PM also handed over the key of 109 ambulances to Sheikh Hasina. Earlier Modi said that the Indian government will open a primary school for girls in Orkandi. After finishing the tour, Prime Minister Modi returned to Delhi on Saturday night.

In Bangladesh, PM Sheikh Hasina gave one coin each of gold and silver to Modi as a gift. She gave these gifts on the completion of the birth centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and 50 years of the formation of Bangladesh. Prime Minister Modi also invited Sheikh Hasina to visit India at the Golden Jubilee of India-Bangladesh diplomatic relations in 2022.

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Discussion between the two Prime Ministers

The two heads of state pledged to celebrate Bangladesh’s independence on 6 December every year as ‘Friendship Day.There was also a discussion on saving Bangladesh’s legacy of independence in 1971.

 PM Modi thanked Sheikh Hasina for creating a war memorial in memory of Indian soldiers who fought in Bangladesh’s independence.

Significant decisions were taken

Foreign Secretary said that both India and Bangladesh have expressed a desire to work together in the space sector. India will soon give its third line of credit to Bangladesh to increase civil nuclear power. Under this, Bangladesh will get 1 billion dollars. Using these funds, Indian companies will develop the Rooppur nuclear plant in Bangladesh.

 Both countries expressed a willingness to work together in the field of artificial intelligence, trade, connectivity, cooperation, defence, security, power, energy and the environment. 

Source: ANI News

PM Modi and PM Sheikh Hasina virtually inaugurated the Mitali Express train. After the corona pandemic ends, it will run between Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and Jalpaiguri in Bengal.

 Sheikh Hasina praised India’s ‘neighbour first’ scheme. The two Prime Ministers inaugurated the Bangabandhu-Bapu digital exhibition. Photographs of Bangabandhu (Mujibur Rahman) and Bapu(Mahatma Gandhi) will be shown in this exhibition. It has been agreed to put this exhibition in other countries as well.

DuringNavratri, a large number of devotees reach Bangladesh from across the border in the fair of Maa Kali. A community hall was required there. This hall will serve as a refuge for devotees and for people in times of disaster.  Government of India will build the community hall.

Key takeaways of PM Modi’s address
  • Today, both India and Bangladesh are competing strongly against Corona. The Made in India vaccine reached the citizens of Bangladesh as well, India is doing it as its duty.
  • Today, the motivation of Harichand Dev ji is very important to solve the similar challenges facing India and Bangladesh. It is necessary to meet every challenge of the two countries together.
  • Both India and Bangladesh want to see the progress of the whole world with their progress. Both countries want stability, love and peace in place of instability, terror and unrest in the world.”
Source: ANI News
Protest in Bangladesh against Modi’s visit

There were demonstrations against PM Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. Members of Bangladesh’s radical Islamic group Hifazat-e-Islam were demonstrating on the streets against Modi’s visit. As of Saturday, 5 people have died after clashes between Bangladesh police and members of Hifazat-e-Islam. Police officials said that 5 people were injured in police firing during a demonstration in Chittagong, who died while undergoing treatment at the Medical College in Chittagong.

This trip was postponed due to Corona

After the arrival of Corona pandemic last year, the PM’s foreign trip was cancelled in March 2020. PM Modi first had to travel to Bangladesh on 17 March 2020 to attend the Sheikh Mujibur Rahman birth centenary program. However, he chose the neighboring country first to begin once again his foreign tours amid the COVID-19 pandemic.