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Things To Ease Your Life During Quarantine

by Aditi

The current situation is surprising for everyone. On the one hand, our corona soldiers are fighting a battle against COVID-19 outside, while on the other hand the people of the country are staying at home and contributing to this fight. The lockdown has been held for a week in the country and the public is following its rules with full responsibility. But have you ever wondered how it was possible for the public to follow these rules? The main reason behind this is the frequent availability of essential things.

Grocery At Door Step

In this state of crisis, the question before everyone was whether the groceries would end. The government of the country has assured the public that there will be no shortage of food and things like milk, bread, eggs, vegetables, and fruits. You can buy these goods by visiting the nearest store. Keeping security in mind, if you do not want to get out of the house, then you should leave the responsibility on online delivery platforms like Milkbucket, BigBasket, and Country Delight. These essential goods will be delivered to your home.

Online Recharge

Whether you want to watch videos on the Internet or news and serials on TV, you are getting entertained at home. By making video calls with friends and relatives, you will be asking about their movements. Not only here, but the work of the company is also being done from home i.e. work from home. All these needs of the people sitting at home are being fulfilled only because they have no need to go out to recharge their phones and DTH.

Almost all the network providers are giving cashback and launching other facilities so that no one will be left out and everyone can stream anything to entertain themselves and stay connected with the world and their people.


Dal, rice, and flour are the biggest needs of every human being. It should always be supplied. The government has also assured that these goods will always be available to you. If for any reason all these things are not in your local shop or you do not want to get out of the house, giving priority to safety, then you can turn to e-retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.In view of the safety of the people, they have discontinued all their services, only continue those services which are most needed in today’s time.


At present, medicines like food and drink are also the biggest needs. If there is a medicine shop near you, then you are convinced about the treatment of your disease. If there is no medicine shop near you or you do not want to get out, then you can buy medicines you need by going to online medical stores like Medlife and Pharmacy. These e-pharmacists not only provide medicines for you but also need items like masks and sanitizers are delivered from here. Apart from this, you can also get diagnostic kits, personal care items, etc. from here. All these health-related things will help you in self-quarantine.

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Health And Fitness

In today’s time, it is very important to keep yourself healthy. Your gym has stopped going at this time and you cannot even go to the park. In such a situation, you can also adopt other ways to keep yourself fit. Cure. Fit is an app where you can take live online classes to keep yourself fit in the current situation. This will not only keep you fit but will also eliminate the need to go out for exercise. You can also take meditation classes through this app. Meditation will calm you down by reducing the mental tension while sitting at home and will also help in your sleep.

If you work safely at home, do office work, talk to friends through video calls and get the necessities delivered to your home, then you should stop for a few minutes and thank those who are in danger of their health By providing these things you need. Here you should also thank the service providers who have served a strong network continuously so that you can stay safe at home.

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