Rajinikanth Will Not Form His Political Party; Apologized To His Fans

by Shatakshi Gupta

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has finally decided not to enter into politics citing the health reasons.  Rajinikanth returned home after being discharged from the hospital, apologizing to the fans and said that he now withdraws the decision to launch his party.  Rajinikanth said that the disease taught a lot to him. He also said that he will continue to work for the public. This decision of Rajinikanth is being considered very important in view of next year’s assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

 Rajinikanth was admitted to Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad due to high blood pressure last week.  On Monday, he returned after being discharged. The health bulletin issued from the hospital says that his condition is now much better than before. He does not have any serious problem.  Although doctors have now advised him to bed rest. Also asked to stay away from stress.

Fans have been waiting for two decades        

Superstar Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics earlier this month. His fans have been waiting for this announcement for 2 decades, but poor health is not allowing him to do so. Rajinikanth had earlier said that his party would also contest the next year’s assembly elections.

 BJP opened options for alliance with Rajinikanth

Source: ANI News

 The stir in Tamil Nadu politics had intensified since Rajinikanth’s announcement. The BJP also opened up all options for an agreement with Rajinikanth. It was also being said that Tamil Nadu’s search for BJP’s CM face would also be completed. This increased the tension of Tamil Nadu’s other ruling party AIADMK and DMK.

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 Sigh of relief for other parties

Recently, there was a sit-in between the BJP and its ally AIADMK, although now both parties may have breathed a sigh of relief from Rajinikanth’s decision not to enter politics.  South’s famous film star Rajinikanth made a political statement 24 years ago that shattered AIADMK’s dreams in the 1996 assembly elections. He had said that if Jayalalithaa comes to power, God too cannot save Tamil Nadu, after which the DMK had tremendous success in the elections.