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Reasons behind divorce of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne

by Madhvi Bansal
Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne

Hrithik and Sussanne were childhood friends,  they committed to marry each other way back before they officially married they were happily married for most of their married lives until when they decide to get divorced a week before their 13th marriage anniversary. The Bollywood industry received a major set back when they got to know that Hrithik and Sussanne have decided to end their 17 year old relationship. 

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Rumours are fast spread that it was because of Hritik’s continued closeness with Katrina kaif which  forced Sussanne to come to such a big decision of leaving him. Though Hrithik did put an end to such conversations by officially denying that Katrina has nothing to do with it . It was their mutual decision to get separated 

Another theory was that it was due to the increasing closeness of Sussanne with Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal, who where reported to spend enough time together to create controversies . It is said that Hrithik was fed up with Sussanne who wasn’t listening to him and kept on meeting Arjun even after constant warnings. However now very long after their divorce Arjun Rampal said in an interview addressing the media that bond between him and Sussane was not more than that of a good friend. 

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Another angle which could be the reason according to  Bollywood pundits is that of a publicity stunt. With the revealing of the fact that they both are still in touch of each other and not having parted ways completely. It might be a mere publicity stunt,  as you can never ignore the possibility for actors going to any extent to gain popularity. Though what I feel is that they won’t stake their marriage and the future of their children for a mere publicity stunt. 

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