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Why South Indians are considered more Literate than the People of Another Part of the Country?

by Madhvi Bansal

In order to compare the people of South India and the other part of the country, we came to know that North Indians is below the national average and approx 80 percent of the population of South Indians capable of reading and writing. This makes the literacy rate of South Indians higher than North Indians or any other part of the country.

There are so many reasons behind this fact. Let’s discuss about some of them which are:

  1. Government Expenditure

According to the reports, government expenditure is a reason behind the difference in literacy. In the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in South India, the rate of government expenditure on education are higher in percentage in comparison with the other parts of the country. This reason would not make a huge difference but in order to keep the stats equal, other parts of the country needs to invest more in the expenditure on education so that the race should be fair.

  • Size and access to sea

The population has a great impact on literacy. Southern states are smaller in comparison to other states. So it will be a direct benefit to those states regarding literacy and other factors. Smaller states have the better per-capita incomes, better HDI, better governance and results in better literacy.

Another reason for the more literacy in South India is access to the sea at this place. The northern states are landlocked and mostly trade happens in the Southern part of the country. Hence when there is no trade then there is no exposure. Ultimately, no exposure results in no literacy. Therefore south Indians are more literate than the people of another part of the country.

  • Societal Importance on Education

Society plays an important role in growing and development of that area. Southern side states put a specific focus on the education of their children. According to surveys, we came to know that there is always a talking point in the functions, get together and events about education. They invest more on education rather than any other expenses. So that the reason as well behind the percentage of literacy is higher of South India in comparison to the other part of the country.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio

According to the reports of 2015, it is noted that the student-teacher ratio in southern states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka are less in comparison to Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The focus on the student’s academic result will be high when there is less student-teacher ratio. This makes a huge difference in literacy all over the country.

  • Culture

The education of any area or state somehow depends on its culture as well. As we see the previous records mostly teenagers from the north should go towards the military/sports services. But in the southern part, the teenagers start with IPS, Scientist. This is all that culture taught them. This is not an offense to anyone but a truth that we can’t deny. Even in sports, a sportsman from the south like Mr Srinath, Mr Kumble, Mr Viswanathan Anand is well educated in comparison to the sportsman from the north like Harbhajan Singh, Kohli, Yuvraj as they don’t have that much of strong power on education. That is also a reason that south Indian is more in education in comparison to other parts of the country.

  • Government Making

The government plays a very important role in the education of any area. The good government automatically takes that area higher in terms of development, education, and everything. From previously election voting’s we can say that the population of the south will lead a better government than the population of the north. People on north only voted for those politicians who only create corruption whole people on north voted for the politicians who had their one eye on corruption and another eye on development. Hence the people of the south become more literate than people of the north.

  • Impact of British Rule

During British times, South developed more than any other state. As the Brits mainly focus on the development of the South part. The south part got world-class airports, metro-infrastructure and road connectivity more than the other parts in India. So a more developed area has more tendency to keep people educated. The British struggled with so many things in order to spread education in Northern India.

Christian missionaries started their roots of education in India from south. They won’t be able to open convent school at first but they taught students while playing so that students will learn more. It is a fact that students will learn more in practical rather than in a general way. After that, they converted their path of education in the English way. They start providing jobs to the locals of that area so that the parents learn in order to teach their children. They did the hard work on this from the past 300 years and then they apply this concept on the north side also. But they won’t see any good feedback in the north. In result, you can see so many convent schools but there is a lack of education in them.

Also, the south Indians have a certain inborn power for applying their minds into many unique systems. And north Indians has some core powers regarding development and other valuable industries. Leaders play an important part in everyone’s life. When someone has good or true leader they seek a good achievement. Leaders are the core of every person. From previous records, we can say that in the south area has good leaders in comparison to other parts of the country. That is also the reason of their increasing rate in literacy.

Those were some reasons why people in the south are more literate than the people of another part of the country. One can overcome those as well as for will heading in the right direction.

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