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SpaceX launches 60 little satellites, with many more to come

by Madhvi Bansal

SpaceX has recently launched over 60 small lightweight satellites in accordance with its plans to provide affordable and high-speed data connection to internet users all over the globe. The launch finally took place after two earlier failed attempts, which had to be aborted first due to high wind and the second due to software update issues. 

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The satellites were launched on 23rd May from the recycled Falcon rocket blaster

The satellites were launched at around midnight on the 23rd of May. The first stage booster landed safely in the Pacific as planned. In the morning, Musk announced that all 60 of the satellites were now in orbit. Each satellite weighs around 500kg only and has a solar panel for battery. They also have the capacity for auto-steering in order to dodge space debris and junk. Musk named the project Starlink, and said that this was only the first launch in a series of almost 14 launches of similar size in order to make broadband internet connection accessible and affordable even in the remotest of areas. The satellites have been designed in such a way that they will re-enter the atmosphere of the Earth in four to five years and safely burn out in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, so there is no risk of any debris falling on to land and causing any form of damage. 

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Starlink is only the first in a huge line of similar projects

Starlink by Elon Musk is only the first such project in a line of several other similar projects that have sprung up since its launch. Other similar plans include Project Kuiper from Jeff Bezo’s Amazon and another similar project from OneWeb. Musk was reported to have said that there is a “fundamental goodness” to giving people in all corners of the globe internet access. He also said that the technology used in Starlink is extremely unique and one of a kind. 

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It is expected that projects like these will completely change the revolutionize the field of broadband internet connection. 

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