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Sushmita Sen gives us major goals for living happily unmarried

by Madhvi Bansal
Sushmita Sen

Crowned as one of the most beautiful women in the universe, Sushmita Sen, has always broken away from the norms and tried to do something different all her life. This diva has been leading a truly inspiring life and encouraging generations to break the mould and express their individuality.

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Sushmita truly believes in making the world hear her loud and clear. When Sushmita was just 25-year-old and was winning awards and accolades for her supporting role in Biwi No. 1, she adopted a baby girl named Renee. Her step was very progressive during those times and no other Indian actress would dare to take such a step. She also proved that you need not get married to feel the joys of being a mother. Sushmita also managed to take over the responsibilities of motherhood, along with her acting career very well. Ten years later, Sushmita adopted a second girl child and repeated history again taking a very brave step.

Sushmita agrees that being a single parent can be really tough, but it is not impossible. She says that the best way to handle your kid’s innocent questions is to be truthful to them and you will definitely earn their respect. Sushmita has clearly handled all their questions well and ensured that her children clearly understood the responsibilities of a single parent and also respected that. 

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There have been many incidents where Sushmita has proved that it is important to pamper oneself without being dependent on anyone.One example is when Sushmita was seen sporting a solitaire on her ring finger and the rumours started speculating about her possible engagement. Later Sushmita clarified that she had bought the 22-carat solitaire for herself stating , “I don’t need a man in my life to have diamonds. I can own them myself.””

Sushmita has never been scared of societal pressure and has been very clear about it. She says that , once they cross their 20s ,many single women often jump into marriage. Some might have the fear of remaining single for life while others have social pressure in their mind. She believes that it is perfectly fine to wait for the Mr. Right, rather than  getting settled just due to the societal pressure.

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