Tactical Game-Changer: Have A Look On Indian Army’s Lethal ‘Swarm Drones’

by Shatakshi Gupta

Recently showcased made in India Swarm drones will penetrate into enemy territory. These drones can automatically fly to the target and then hit the target with the help of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI). 

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 In an effort to bring the next generation of aviation technology to the forefront, the team of engineers and software experts at  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Bengaluru-based start-up NewSpace Research and Technologies have designed it and named it as Air-Launched Flexible asset (swarm).

 Future Aerial combat

 Future wars will be fought with weapons of advance technology.  These drones give a picture of the future of the Aerial Warfare. These smart drones will be able to replace at least a handful of pilots in the most dangerous missions and the Air Force will not have to lose so many pilots in combat operations.

 Will help in increasing border surveillance

 This project is also very tactical  as it can enhance the border surveillance. Swarm drones working in flocks have two folded wings. They range in length from one to two meters. Many drones are fitted in canister-shaped boxes under the wings of Indian Air Force aircraft. Then the Indian Air Force pilot takes the aircraft to such a height where it can be traked by enemy aircraft and missiles, and then the drone is released. It then starts flying, spreading its wings.

 Working capacity

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 The battery in the drone is able to give them a speed of more than 100 kilometres per hour.  The battery is built in such a way that it lasts for two hours, during this time the swarm of drones can reach the target.

 Work in a flock

 Swarm drones are fully connected to each other via electronic data-links. Using their infrared and electro-optical sensors, they are seen flying together in synchronisation. A drone can fall on target like a suicide seeker.

These drones can destroy their targets such as enemy surface-to-air missile systems, enemy radars and surface-mounted enemy aircraft.  Each drone has been made so meticulously that it can understand what has been detected, and then the targets are assigned to different drones.  After this, every drone performs a suicide attack. Each drone precisely hits the target with explosives inside it.