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Talwar Raas Performed by Union Minister Smriti Irani, viewed by thousands of times!

by Madhvi Bansal
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Smriti Irani, one of the strongest pillars of Bhartiya Janta Party and Union Minister for Textiles and Women & Child Development showcased a beautiful legacy of women empowerment by performing Talwar Raas with swords in Gujarat. She has visited a cultural event in Gujarat. The video went viral and garnered comments on the Union Minister’s performance. The video of the minister wielding a couple of swords and dancing with participants on stage has gone viral on social media.

 In the video clip, Union Minister is beautifully clad in a blue saree, holding swords in both her hands and trying to match steps with performers on stage. “Talwar Raas” is a traditional dance, performed using swords. She was seen performing “Talwar Raas” during a cultural event hosted by the Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. The performers with whom the Amethi MP is seen performing “Talwar Rass” are dressed in saffron turbans and vests.

Since being posted, the 17-second clip has been viewed a thousand times and garnered nearly 3,000 likes. Many in the comments section were reminded of the time Irani appeared as an actress on TV serials where she would often perform such dances.

Gujarat BJP president Jitu Vaghani and Lok Sabha MP Bharatiben Shiyal were among the other dignitaries present at the occasion. The cultural program, attended by hundreds of women, was held in the premises of Swaminarayan Gurukul in Gujarat.

About Talwar Raas

Raas, popularly known as dandiya raas is one of the most popular folk dances of Gujarat. Associated with agricultural activities, it can be termed as the occupational dancing of farmers. The Kanabis of Latipur village, Jamnagar district (former Navanagar State) have developed two different types of Raas and has been performing these for four generations: Kanabi Raas and Talwar (sword) Raas. Talwar Raas was created to commemorate Rajput war heroes who died in the historic war of Bhuchar Mori (July 18, 1591).

In the Dhal-Talwar raas, performers wear black turbans and cover half the face with black cloth. Artificial mustache, a sword, and shield in hand remind the audience of the armed warriors of Bhuchar Mori.

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