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TBT- full Form And What Exactly It Means

by Madhvi Bansal

If you wonder what is TBT and its full form, here we are about to discuss it in detail. The full form of TBT is Throwback Thursday. Social media is the most happening place on the internet and you can find people interacting with the world through different means. This internet or social media phenomenon will trend for a period of time and again something new comes up. One such trending that happened in social media is this TBT which basically invites people to take a challenge and make them share some pictures from the past. Yes, TBT is all about you sharing the past memories that can take you back to a time period in the past. 

Usually, social media uses ‘hashtags’ to trend a particular challenge or idea and make people across the world to participate. TBT is not the only trending thing you will find in the internet world. We had already seen some of the trends in the past including the most popular Ice Bucket Challenge. If you wonder why there is a change only for Thursdays, you will be surprised to know that every single has its own challenges. Some of the trends and most of them won’t reach the masses. 

Nostalgia and Throwback Thursday 

According to a popular survey from a famous magazine, it has been found that social media challenges that trend worldwide to have some common principles. Most of the principles can bring instant fame and validation from peers while others are purely nostalgic and takes you back to your golden past. One such principle that made TBT a great success is its associated nostalgia. Throwback Thursday allows people to share their old pictures in social media along with the hashtag ‘TBT’. When you share a picture in your social media person profile along with the Hashtag, it will instantly join the common trend. Sometimes a single share can turn a common person into a social media sensation overnight. 

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Ways To Use TBT

To get started, you need to understand and learn the many ways to share pictures using Throwback Thursday. When it comes to sharing your post through Instagram, you can use one of the following hashtags – #TBT, #Throwback Thursday or only the #Throwback. If you wonder what happens when you share pictures along with hashtags, you have to witness the reach it gets once it is done. It just mainstreams your picture and gives a chance to reach millions in no time. Not every picture that you share under this common tag will trend and reach the masses. You need to be very particular in choosing the right picture that is relevant too. When a picture has something funny and can bring more joy, you can see people sharing it without any push. 

Throwback Thursday is not just limited to sharing your old photos. Using this tag you can even share a classic song that you loved during your childhood, an old quote from your book, first tweet or even a status for that matter is considered fine. All you need to do is choose what to share and use the following tags #TBT and #Throwback Thursday to join the stream of social media trending. This social media trend is popular among all social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.  

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