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Tesla Cybertruck goes into ‘Boat Mode’ – Fan made Render grants Elon Musk’s Dream

by Madhvi Bansal

An Instagram render from a car enthusiast has gone viral for a hilarious reason. The guy who owns this Instagram account named hypercarslands created this render on 10th Dec, showing the creative version of Tesla’s Cybertruck in Boat mode. 

This fan-made video takes the concept of newly launched ‘Cybertruck’ going deep into the ocean carrying a passenger on the back of the truck. The hilarious part is that the passenger goes fishing from there. This has been dubbed by the Tesla fans as ‘Boat Mode’ of the cybertruck. Though the render was not well made, it served its purpose and has gone viral first on Instagram and then internet news websites started to notice it. 

This video interprets the newly launched electric pickup vehicle from Tesla. This idea of the Instagram user turning the pickup truck into a boat does seem to be far fetched. The CEO of Tesla himself has said that the inspiration for the electric truck was actually from a bond movie from 1977. In the movie, the car which bond uses turn into boat mode. 

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In one of the interviews back in 2014, the CEO of Tesla has expressed in creating a submarine that can turn into a car. He also said it was just an idea and more like a dream that he would not produce more than three vehicles. Now coming back to the fan-made render, this Instagram user exactly tried to bring back in a render what exactly musk was dreaming long back. But the idea of turning the heaviest of trucks ‘Cybertruck’ into an amphibious version was hilarious to watch. As soon as the render got released by this car enthusiast, people from social media platforms started to share in huge numbers and the rest is history. 

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