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The born mystery of Abram khan

by Madhvi Bansal
Abram khan

Son of one of the legendary and multi-talented actors who is none other than Shah Rukh Khan and his gorgeous and talented wife Gauri Khan Abraham, born on 27th May 2013. It is no more hidden that Abraham was born through surrogacy. He came to this world prematurely at 34 weeks and after coming he was seen to weigh 1.5 kg. he was born at the hospital named Andheri’s Masrani hospital for women. 

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Although he is a family member of superstar Shah Rukh Khan his birth is still in the process of being registered. The actor has stated in an interview that for him his birth is a personal and confidential matter and he requested the authorities to continue their investigation about him. 

Untold fact

After 2 years of failure for having a baby, the couple decided to have a surrogate baby recommended by their close friends. At the time Gauri was already in her 40s and it was not safe for her to conceive. At the time of his birth, there were complications because of his premature delivery and his heart rate was low and so vacuum device was used to help him survive. After his birth, the siblings rushed to see their newborn siblings.

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There is still no confirm information about the mother who helped the couple. Shah Rukh Khan was also accused of asking to do a sex-determination test which is illegal. However, when confronted he completely denied the fact and said he knew that his baby was a boy when he was born. For a clear confrontation on 17th June, a team of BMC was sent to shah rukh khan’s residence but the couple was nowhere to be found in their home.

In present, Abraham is living well and even started going to school. Actor Shah Rukh Khan kept a low profile of his son but you will still find some of his adorable pics on the web with his family. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri khan third child who came in this world as a blessing for both of them.

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