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The worst gift you Can ever have

by Madhvi Bansal
The worst gift

It always feel better to give than to receive. However, the joy of receiving gifts is somethg different. Whether it is your birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any other reason to celebrate with others, there is nothing wrong to expect some good  gifts from your dear ones. Gifts mainly conveys the feelings of the givers for the receivers. Though, there are several times when givers were not able to convey their exact feelings for the receivers as they fail to choose the right gift. They may fail to pick the right item either according to the person or occasion. 

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Worst gift ideas

Here is a list of some wise gift ideas that you should not avoid:

Exercise gear: Praying for health and fitness is good but giving the related gifts can be annoying. Giving the exercising gears or fitness related gifts can make them feel as if they are fat and unhealthy according to others.

Used items: A lot of people are there who give used items as gift to their near and dear ones. They think it is cool but it can be weird for the receivers. You should give the used items like jewellery, precious stones, antique items etc only your successors to maintain the legacy of your family.

Old edition magazine: It doesn’t matter how much someone is fond of reading books, giving someone an old edition magazine is not a good idea. Giving the latest edition of a magazine to someone who knows it’s worth can be pretty cool.

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Anything that is re-gifted: It is suggested that you should avoid re-giving the gifts particularly in your own family and friend circle. A lot of people are there who may have to feel embarrassed just because they have re-gifted. There are high chances that the gift which you are re-gifting may be received by someone who has given that gift to you with all his/her heart.

Cash: Giving cash to kids or teenagers on their special occasions is okay but if you have given cash to the adults then it could be embarrassing for them. 

Lingerie: Giving lingerie as a gift to your significant other is romantic and enhances the steam of sensuality in your relationship. However, giving a lingerie to your mother, sister or niece is awkward.

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