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Things to learn from Salman Khan’s life

by Madhvi Bansal
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Salman Khan is the superstar of Bollywood, he is ruling the industry from more than three decades. But during his career, he came across lots of ups and downs. Given the amount of legal trouble he has gotten in real life, he cameback as a shining star and role model for lots of his fans. Salman Khan is all different on screen and in real life, be it as the squeaky-clean family man, god-fearing square crossing borders to unite a kid with his parent or a cool Robinhood Policewala, the superstar evokes awe and adoration. 

Salman Khan has always been loved by all his colleagues, be it a family member, a friend or any other celebrity, he is just a call away when in need. 

Here are some significant lessons you can learn from the Bharat hero: 

Weakness is Strength: Salman has always proved that breakdowns can create breakthroughs. He has always turn up more tough after every situation. 

Never Give up on anything: Salman has been through a lot of tough times, be it his failed love life, or the various ups-and-downs in his career. His life wasn’t really easy but he never really gave up on anything. He faces every tough situation bravely, thus one can always learn from him on how to handle the bad time in your life.

Don’t get carried away by comments. Salman Khan’s life has been mixed with emotions, sometimes he become the hero of the industry while at some instance, people take him as negative personality of the industry, be it positive or negative. At the end of the day, he dont’ get carried away by comments.

Family Man : Salman Khan always remember his roots. He never really forgets where he came from and respects his family culture. Salman is a family man and loves his family to the core. Maybe that is the reason of him being such a rooted person.  Respect every religion. Salman Khan is real secular, he never believes in any particular religion. He celebrates Ganesh Utsav with the same enthuasiast as he celebrates Eid and Christmas.

Respect women: Although, Salman Khan has invloved in lot many controversial relationships but he never vouch for disrespecting woman. However, Salman has also gone out of his way to make-up for some serious goof-ups that he committed as a young hot-blood, with women at the receiving end – his idea of redemption.

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