Why We Should Think About Our Environment Now?

by Madhvi Bansal

Nowadays every second the Earth is getting polluted and it’s not good for us as well as our future generation. The environment is the most important resource for life. The environment gives us so many things for living like water, power, and oxygen. It is a large habitat for animals as well. As we get lots of resources from the environment but if we use too much then we may run out of resources, which is not good for us and our future generation. Most of the resources are reversible but only if we use it in the correct way. We have to fix the problems we want to save our future. It is very necessary for other living beings as well to save our environment.

Here are some reasons why we should think about and save our environment now?

  • The environment helps in protecting the ecosystem

As the environment directly connects to the ecosystem, so changing in the environment makes a huge impact on the ecosystem. Many of the species were extinct and many are in the danger of extinction.

  • Save Forests

Forest is the most important part of the environment, which helps living beings in many ways. They provide shelter, food, helps us in our living but sadly we are the ones that damages the forest. They provide raw material such as rubber, timber, essential oils and many other products. Forest management is very necessary in order to save our environment or to save our lives. Trees also helping us by absorbing CO2 that fuels global warming. Plants need some CO2 for photosynthesis which is stored in wood, leaves, and soil. The forests also absorb impurities from environment and give us fresh air. We have to plant new trees as well.

  • For future generation

It is a way to give something that they really deserve to our future generation. There is a fact as well which says that “One will be happier in life if you focus on giving rather than receiving. By treating the environment well, we can save our planet and make it a better place to live.  

  • For enhanced lifespan

Polluted environment results in a lot of diseases and disorders and these diseases lead to faster chances of death. Because of environmental effects, many people are currently suffering from diabetes, skin problems, lung disorders, etc which is not a good symbol for us.

Just a few decades ago, everything in the environment was so pure, clean and pollution-free. That time people never got any water-born or other these type of disease. But nowadays we can’t even drink water which is not purified by an R.O. purifier. Let’s make a change for our better sake and keep our environment clean and fresh.

  • For better fruits, flowers with quality

Nowadays everything we eat is polluted. One of the scientists recently discovered that because of petroleum fuel flowers losses their scent. Similarly, fruits and water also get infected because of contaminated soil. Fruits become tasteless and polluted and it affects us in many ways. That’s also a reason that we have to save our environment.

  • Decrease in suffering

If the environment is pure then it would be very comfortable and beneficial for all of us. Out climate change frequently, there is no time of seasons and many more things happened nowadays. The natural cycle is unbalanced and it became harsh on us in the form of dust, heat, pollution, heavy snow, drought, excess flooding due to rains, we face so many economic loses we well loss in population.

From the above points, it is very important for us to save our environment. Earth has only finite resources and if we continue using them like this then one day everything will get destroyed. The environment will not last for a long period if we don’t take the necessary action to save it.

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All of us need to be very thankful for the beautiful environment to live un. Instead of destroying it we need to focus on saving the environment. We all need to be united and take action in order to save the environment. They are certain reasons for saving the environment. To prevent the extinction of living organisms, to prevent global warming, and to preserve Mother Nature. For a balanced ecosystem, the existence of flora and fauna is very important. Deforestation and logging results to the extinction of flora and fauna. Everything is attached to everyone, so we need to maintain everything in nature for a balanced ecosystem. For example, wildlife needs various habitats to survive or will become extinct if their habitats are destroyed. Before damaging the environment we have to ask yourself that wouldn’t it damage us. The impure environment puts a huge impact on human life only. We are the ones who suffer because of us. We can save as well as damage the environment.

It’s not only our duty but it has to be our passion to clean our environment or Mother Nature. But sadly, our technological advancements take us away from the environment. But we can’t deny the fact that no matter how rich we will be but the environment is the thing that we need forever. Our population becomes healthier if the environment is clean. And we can easily save our environment by changing our daily life routines. We have to keep our surroundings clean, use paper bags instead of plastic bags. We have to grow more trees in order to protect our environment. Trees are the main resource of the environment. Clean air and water are necessary to prevent us from the disease. We need to conserve the environment for us and future generations. The increase in population affects the environment. A healthy ecosystem sustains the fundamentals of human life and civilization. They make the air clean which is very necessary for our living and provide us with the necessary natural resources. It is also necessary for food production free of toxins.