Todays’ youth : What  they feel and What they want

by Madhvi Bansal
Published: Last Updated on

There is a sea change in the way people think and react these days as compared to the old times. This change can be particularly seen in today’s youth. There are so many dimensions where we can analyse these changes.

Let us look at a few:

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Family values

 It is evident today that teenagers are unable to understand the importance of living in a family. Now a days the youth prefers individualism and least interference in their lives. This can also be blamed on the nuclear family culture prevalent these days.


Today’s youth is more concerned about the ends rather than the means. They know how to get their thing done either by hook or by crook. However, this does not mean they are willing to sacrifice on quality. They value integrity and are capable of keeping their emotions at bay.


Gone are the days when teens used to go out with their parents every month for a movie or dinner at rare occasions. Entertainment is an integral part of today’s teen life and is not limited to outing with parents. Every other day students can be seen hanging around with friend in malls, theatres, clubs, gaming parlours etc. There is no need for a specific occasion to go on such outings.

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Comparing overall health parameters, we find that health has deteriorated in the teenage group due t o a variety of factors. Though they are more aware and concerned about health than ever before certain factors are totally out of their control. For instance due to increased academic pressure, there is minimal or no physical activity involved in their daily lives. This has given rise to problems like obesity even in early teenagers. Unhealthy eating habits also contribute to the bad shape of health.


In earlier times, parents and grandparents made sure that children learnt religious texts and fread scriptures and knew the relevance of religion and spiritualism. Today’s youth have defined spiritualism in their own terms. They have simplified it and believe in the theory of karma a lot. This is a way is a good sign as it teaches them the virtues of being a good human being which is the pivotal point of all religions.