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Top 10 all time favourite series from Hollywood

by Madhvi Bansal
favourite series from Hollywood

The ever increasing popularity of web series among the audience notably the youth, thereby forcing the producers to quit the orthodox ways and to adopt the newbie concept of web series.  

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To everyone’s astonishment Hollywood has came up with some scintillating offerings in the web series category which took the internet by storm in a jiffy. None of the cinema geeks would have anticipated the success this concept of web series has amassed. 

To your delight here is an enumeration of the top 10 series of Hollywood.  Trust me it was too tough an ask to select only 10 when there are hundreds of quality series up for grabs out there. 

  • Game of thrones (2011-2019) – with the last season releasing a couple of months back, It’s storyline revolved around 7 families  battling it out to gain control over 7 kingdoms, with nobody ready to sacrifice an inch of his space, 
  • Dark ( 2017- ongoing)  – representing the crime and mystery genre, Dark finds its setting in a German background. It’s story covers the tale of 4 families encountering a series of mysterious and supernatural turns.
  • Black mirror ( 2011- ongoing)  – as many as 6 seasons of action packed sci-fi thriller is what Black mirror offers.  It depicts the supernatural world where humans have made some mammoth inventions and now have to face consequences.

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  • Strange things (2016-19) –starts with the unnatural  disappearing of a boy, Strange things finds its setting in the mystery and horror genre.  The mother of the lost boy along with his friends must find him before it’s too late
  • Euphoria (2019-ongoing) – releasing only a fortnight back it’s not that difficult to understand it’s immense popularity. Shows the story of high school students as to how they deal with issues like drugs, sex and puberty. 
  • The Handmaid Tale (2017_19)  – another sci-fi thriller portraying a women forced to live under the religion based anarchy that took over USA. Storyline depicts as how June tries to escape. Go find out did she succeed.
  • Big little lies (2017 – ongoing) – everything was going normal in the lives of a group of upper-class mothers until  single mom Jane and her child arrived to live near them. It belongs to the crime and mystery genre, promising quality watch time.
  • Lucifer (2015_ ongoing) –the protagonist fed up of his life in hell decides to spend some time on earth, ending up helping the humanity with the miseries they got.
  • Jessica Jones (2015_19)  – falling in the action _ crime genre, portrays the life of Jessica whose short lived superhero life is over.  And now she is working as a detective in new York, dealing with people having exceptional abilities.
  • Designated Survivor (2016- ongoing)  with all the senior member of US parliament found dead following a catastrophic even,  a junior member is made the President, who now has to save his country from this attack. Let’s find out if he can. 

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