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Top 10 Biggest Buses in the World in 2020

by Madhvi Bansal

The world shrinks as the population continues to rise. People started using personal transport vehicles a lot because it is convenient and also to avoid overcrowding. When there is a problem with public transport, there has to be a solution. Increasing and improving public transportation is the key to make people choose it. One such solution that can make all the difference is the high-capacity public transportation systems. This is the reason why more and more brands are launching their biggest buses for the public. Though some of the biggest buses launched were solely boosting its size, most of them tend to solve the increasing transportation demands.

The need for the biggest buses

Building the biggest bus helps in all three different ways. For nature’s perspective, the biggest transport vehicle directly means less fuel consumption which means even fewer emissions. The next advantage with the biggest buses is that it saves a lot of money for the bus operators in terms of manpower, extra passengers which in turn gives additional income and cost-efficient to own two buses in the place of three. A final and most important benefit with the biggest or high capacity transportation system is that you can eliminate traffic and actually can make the general public to choose to ride. This eventually benefits the government as they can build a stronger economy.

How big it is?

The biggest buses that you are about to see in this segment come in different shapes and sizes. The capacity can vary anywhere around 250+ being the biggest and around 170+ being the least in our list. Some of the buses even surpass the capacity of a basic airbus. The build can include double or triple Decker adding one above another or train like compartments linked by multiple axles.

Top 10 Biggest Buses in the world in 2020

Neoplan Jumbocruiser

Stays at number 10 in our list of biggest buses in the world is the Neoplan Jumbocruiser with passenger capacity ranging around 170. The bus built back in 1975 is an articulated version where there will be only one Decker but with multiple sections joined with extra axles. As the name suggests, it is jumbo and measures around 18 meters and is manufactured by Neoplan.

Nova Bus LFS

This single-decker bus from the brand – Nova Bus can be found in the busy streets of New York. It measures around 62 feet and has the capacity to carry around 65 passengers. It is huge and that has made it to our top 10 list of biggest buses in the world.

New Flyer XDE60


This bus measures around 60 feet and has a huge capacity to handle 59 passengers at once. It is powered with a diesel-electric hybrid engine and that makes it a sustainable transport system.

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Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated

This brand is known for its luxury and massiveness. This bus from Volvo has multiple axles to keep the sections intact. The passenger capacity ranges around 154 and is powered with the Volvo D5F engine for max performance.

 Hess LighTram 02795

This biggest articulated bus from the maker Carrosserie Hess can carry a max of 180 passengers. The electric drive along with its huge height of 82 feet makes it one of the biggest buses in the world.

 0530 Mercedes-Benz GL “CapaCity”

Fifth in our list is the 0530 Mercedes-Benz GL “CapaCity”. As the name implies, it is a huge bus that can carry around 175-193 people with its diesel-powered engine.

 Rede Integrada de Transport

This bus with its longest sections joint together will make up to 92 feet. This is made under the concept of the BRT system and it is said to carry around 250 people. It has been here since 2011 and when it was initially launched, it was the longest of all buses.

 Van Hool AGG300

Ranking 3RD in our list of biggest buses is the Van Hool AGG300. Though its concept dates back to ’90s, it is still in the high capacity transportation system at multiple cities. It has a total capacity of 74 passengers and measures around 82 feet in length.

Youngman JNP6280G Bus

The second biggest bus on our list is the Youngman JNP6280G Bus. Though it is double articulated with 3 axles, it is considered massive for its multiple sections and capacity of 300 passengers. This diesel-powered bus is made by Youngman.

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Autotram Extra-Grand

The biggest bus ever that stays at the top of our list is the Autotram Extra-Grand from the Gospel & Fraunhofer. The hybrid engine makes it more powerful and sustainable as well. The length of the bus goes around 101 feet and can comfortably transport around 256 passengers. Besides being the fact it is the biggest in the lot, it is super efficient too.

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