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Top 10 Bollywood stars who battled with Drug and Alcohol addiction

by Madhvi Bansal
Drug and Alcohol addiction

There are many fans who think that the Bollywood stars live a comfortable, hassle free, luxurious and worry free lives. However, this is not the truth. There is a dark side of many Bollywood stars. Some have struggled very hard in their lives to achieve the success while the others have struggled after achieving the success. Some Bollywood stars that were not able to handle the success and fame took the shelter of drugs and alcohol that ruined them badly.  

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Here is a list of top 10 Bollywood stars who somehow has been able to overcome their addiction of Drug and Alcohol use:

    1. Sanjay Dutt: He is one of the first ever actors who had admitted that he was an addict to drugs.  Sanjay Dutt had said that he took drugs to overcome his shyness with women. It all started after the death of his mother. In the year 1982, he was also caught for the possession of drugs. However, he was sent to a rehab in U.S by his father and after coming from there he has given the best film of his career ‘Munna Bhai MBBS”.
    2. Dharmendra:  The legendary actor Dharmendra during the promotion of his film ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ in 2011 confessed that his addiction to alcohol has ruined his career. Since 15 years he had been an addict of alcohol.
    3. Parveen Babi: She was the most glamorous actress but she suffered a tragic life.  There were reports that post-breakup with Director Mahesh Bhatt, she became addicted to LSD. Her addiction to drugs and alcohol spoiled her career and became a reason for her death as well.
    4. Manisha Koirala: Manisha, leading actresses in Bollywood in 90s was unable to handle the pressure of the industry so she took the help of smoking, drinking alcohol and drug abuse. Remaining in limelight for the substance abuse, she lost her popularity and her career also drowned. Later, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she worked hard upon her addiction to quit for getting better health.
    5. Fardeen Khan: Son of actor Feroz Khan, Fardeen was also one of the Bollywood stars who were drug addict. In a biggest controversy around Fardeen in 2001, he was caught by Mumbai police for the possession of drugs. After this, he went for detoxification and came with immunity in 2012.
    6. Prateik Babbar: A dashing model and actor, Prateik also suffered from substance abuse.  He revealed that he was neither true to himself nor his fans. He accepted his addiction and went to rehabilitation for treatment.
    7. Divya Bharti: She was an actress who touched a sky and seen the downfall at a very young age. After giving several hit films, she gradually became an addict of alcohol. She remained drunk for most of the time. She was 19 years when she died after falling from her balcony and it is said that she was heavily drunk at that time.
    8. Meena Kumari:  Meena Kumari is another name in the list of Bollywood celebrities who suffered drug and alcohol addiction. She took the role of alcoholic wife in a movie ‘Sahab, Biwi aur Gulam’ after which she got divorced and became an alcoholic wife in real. At a young age of 40, she died due to liver cirrhosis.
    9. Rajesh Khanna: He was the superstar in 70s that girls used to send him love letters with their bloods. His stardom was at height but he couldn’t handled it well hence became an addict. He started drinking day and night which took a toll on his career. 

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  • Vijay Raaz: He has shown his unique acting skills and comic timing in films like Run, Delhi Belly and Dhamal.  His addiction led him behind the bars when he was caught by UAE police in 2005 for smuggling drugs and alcohol.

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