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Top 10 designs of wedding ring that you must have

by Madhvi Bansal

Slipping the wedding ring in the finger of your spouse of the traditional ceremony in the weddings in many culture. Exchange of the wedding rings shows the couple is now bonded together with love.  It is the way to show your significant other that you would love to spend rest of life with them. These days, uncountable designs of the wedding rings are available in the market. Many of them are available with the customization options. Thus, if your wedding day is near or you are planning to propose the love of your life then you should look for the top designs of the wedding rings.

Best designs of wedding rings 

Top 10 designs of the wedding rings which you can choose for your significant other include: 

Classic wedding ring:

classic rings

This type of rings are simple, classic and default choice of men. This is basically a finger band of gold, silver or platinum. To add the variation, the classic wedding ring can be accented with single diamond or gemstone.

Single diamond ring:

Single diamond ring

It is another classic style of wedding ring that couples chose for their spouses. The single stud diamond of round shape makes the simple ring beautiful. 

Gemstone stud ring:

Gemstone stud ring

Stud rings are popular among those who are fond of gemstones. You can have ruby stud ring or turquoise stud ring which looks royal on your hands. To accentuate the looks, the miniature work around the gemstone looks great. The stud gemstone can even be surrounded by the small diamonds to make it look more royal.

Fingerprint wedding ring:

Fingerprint wedding ring

If you want to give your long lasting love symbol to your partner, there could nothing better than your impression. There are fingerprint wedding rings which are basically the rings on which your thumb impressions are engraved. This style of wedding rings are getting popular among the couples.

Names engraved wedding rings:

Names engraved wedding rings

Another popular type of wedding ring design is the name engraved wedding rings. Couples chose to engrave the names of their spouse on their rings.

Diamond and Sapphire ring:

Diamond and Sapphire ring

Wedding ring in the shape of Sun with its rays looks pretty on the hands of the brides. This style of wedding rings has the diamond as the centrepiece while the rays are made up of diamonds and sapphire which makes it more pretty.

Cocktail rings: 

Cocktail rings

This type of rings are the big rings which covers almost your finger.  These are generally designed in the floral arrangement and easily catches up the attention of others. Cocktail rings with pearls add ethnicity to the design.

Cushion cut twisted pave diamond ring:

Cushion cut twisted pave diamond ring

If you are looking for some different design for your love then twisted pave design is the best. This type of designer rings have the delicate design which looks awesome. 

Floral inspired wedding rings:

Floral inspired wedding rings

This style of wedding rings have the floral shape. On some rings you will find the floral patterns only on the top while in many other designs, the floral pattern cover the entire rings which makes them more beautiful on the hands of bride.

Handcrafted wedding ring:

Handcrafted wedding ring

To show the lifelong love to your partner, handcrafted rings are the best. They reflect your feelings in the simplest way. Handcrafted rings are available in silver and oxidised metal. 

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