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Top 10 family movies of Bollywood 

by Madhvi Bansal
family movies of Bollywood

People planning to go out for a movie outing with their family always look for the content whether it is watchable with the family or not. 

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Here’s a pack of top 10 family movies of Bollywood

  • Taree zameen par – story of a boy and his understanding teacher who despite all odds is determined to bring the child in the limelight. It’s an Aamir
  •   Oh my God – starring Paresh Rawal it is a satirical film produced by Umesh Sharma. The film depicts that how some people are making the innocent people of the country fool on the name of God. 
  • Bum Bum Bole – another film featuring child artist. It was an official remake of Iranian film children of heaven. It depicts the story of a young boy and a young girl. 
  • Khosla ka khosla another comedy drama which connected to the audience because of strong on screen presence of the star cast the film was nominated for many national awards. 

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  • Iqbal story of a deaf and mute boy, who has a dream of playing cricket for India, the film focuses on the struggle he has to do in order to achieve his dreams. 
  • Do dooni char  – this picture itself describes the troubles an Indian middle class family has to suffer. Starring Rishi Kapoor, this film is set on a typical Indian background. 
  • 3idiots – though not belonging to family genre it promises a complete new watching experience. The film tries to convey a strong social message of knowledge before qualification. 
  • A Wednesday – A piece of  masterclass from Nasiruddin Shah , giving a strong social message that society is above all religions, Nation first approach is what depicted in the movie. 
  • English Vinglish starring late Shree Devi, this film depicts the story of a simple housewife. How much she has to go through in order to bind her family together. 
  • Chupke- Chupke   – one from the late seventies, a complete comedy package featuring Amitabh and Dharmendra, and we all know what these two are capable of. 



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