Top 10 powerful politicians in India

by Madhvi Bansal
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indira gandhi

The Indian politics has entered into a second inning of BJP led government. The nation edges closer to test the fragility of the political parties. There had been some great leaders in the Indian history that can never be forgotten for their contribution in the country.   

Here is the list of top 15 powerful politicians in India:

    1. Narendra Modi: There is no prize in guessing that among the current leaders, PM Narendra Modi is also being counted as the great politician in the political career of India. It is the efforts of PM Modi that has brought the economy on track to some extent within few years. His capabilities of good governance has led to growth in his popularity and made him to win the elections. Modi has been able to retain his appeal not only in India but globally.
    2. Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee: He was the man behind making India a nuclear power. His ability to deliver the speech with clarity of message was amazing. He was the only Prime Minister who has served the full term outside the government. 
    3. Amit Shah: After Modi, Amit Shah is the most powerful politician in Indian history that has the ability to gather the masses. He is considered as a force multiplier in BJP and an ace electoral strategist.
    4. Soniya Gandhi: She is one of the influential personalities in the Indian politics. She has been able lead the Congress alone till 19 years before she handed over the presidentship to Rahul Gandhi. 
    5. Mamta Banerjee: West Bengal’s most popular mass leader is powerful as she has been able to carve out her space in the nation’s discourse. She has been able to maintain the dominance of TMC as the state party in West Bengal.
    6. Nitin Gadkari:  He is the high speed doer as he has worked with high efficiency during his tenure in Modi’s government.
    7. Mohan Bhagwat: He is a RSS Sarsanghchalak. His efforts are commendable despite seeing that BJP has turned too big in front of RSS.  Bhagwat played a significant role in the movements for the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya
    8. Late Indira Gandhi:  Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister had been able to lead the country for 11 years before her assassination. She wielded a lot of influence which let her to win the elections for 3 consecutive terms.
    9.  Jyoti Basu: He had served as the CM of West Bengal from 1977 to 2000 which was the longest tenure for any CM of the country.  He was an atheist who had designed the reforms plan in India
    10. Nitish Kumar: Current CM of Bihar is no less than other powerful politicians in India. He  has the ability to easily connect with the people of his state keeps up his popularity in Indian politics.