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Top Most Corrupt Politicians in India  

by Madhvi Bansal
lalu yadav

India’s one of the main problems is corruption and the seed of corruption is the leaders of India. It’s not easy to bring everyone before justice and even if they are shown to justice, they knew how to walk out of the mess. Today’s, every Politician is corrupted some or other way. Here, are the list of Top Most Corrupted Politicians of India. All these politicians belong to various parties and are alleged in different corruption cases: 

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  1. B. S. Yeddyurappa

South Indian based politician Yeddyurappa, is the first BJP government in the South is also the face of many blatant corruption cases that hit Karnataka. BSY had to go to prison and also subsequently lost his Chief Minister position in the state, the man who ushered was accused of having aided his sons in racking up huge land deals.

  1. Lalu Prasad Yadav

Lalu Yadav has its own karisma in Bihar, from pushing Bihar to the dark zone to using an Osama lookalike for his election campaign. He has done all that and much more to reign alone in politics. Lalu Yadav got detained on the charges of corruption in Fodder Scam. In Fodder Scam, he is the mastermind of the 9.5 billion rupees that hit Bihar under his regime. His obsession for power and limelight is not hidden from anyone.

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  1. Mayawati

Mayawati is the supremo of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). She has been under the hammer for the construction of monuments. She was also blamed for her redeeming action was the crackdown on the police recruitment scam under the previous Mulayam Singh government. Mayawati has constucted her own statues across Uttar Pradesh. The rise of her party reeks of corruption.   

  1. Suresh Kalmadi

Suresh Kalmadi is the main accused in Common Wealth Game Scam. The entire Commonwealth Games was a farce that lined the pockets of this former politician with thousands of crores. Out of the total allotted 70000 Crores, only 35000 Crores were spent and the rest were just carried away by him.  On this charge, he was even sent to Tihar Jail. 

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