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What is Travel Influencer? Top travel bloggers in India

by Madhvi Bansal

Travel blogging is not new but definitely has got popularity in the past few years. There are some travel bloggers who have started blogging out of their passion. Later, their interest in travel blogging and the opportunities provided by it drive them to leave their stable and secure job to follow their passion as their profession and become a travel blogger. There are a number of passionate travel bloggers who not only love to travel to different places but also provide detailed information through photos and videos about the place to help travelers to make their trip easy. Bloggers India is not too behind in making progress in the world of blogging. Due to the rich culture and varied heritage, travel bloggers in India are the travel influencers.

Top Travel Bloggers in India who Inspire us to travel

Well, there is no particular set of orders for listing the travel bloggers but definitely this list summarises the names of the top 10 travel bloggers in India. They have greatly inspired travelers (to explore the new places), foodies (to try different cuisines at the best eateries) and photographers (to capture the best natural sceneries). Top 10 travel bloggers in India are:

Shivya Nath


She is one of the solo travelers who left her 9-5 job to pursue something that was less known. Her stories have been featured in BBC Travel, The Huffington Post, NDTV, TEDx, Your Story, The Times of India and WordPress.

Neelima Vallangi


Neelima is a brilliant photographer and again a solo traveler.  You can go through her Instagram feed to explore some beautiful and refreshing pictures of the landscape. She is a trekker so you can find her mostly in the Himalayas.

Siddhartha Joshi


Siddhartha Joshi- Sid-The Wanderer is a blogger, photographer, travel writer, and designer. He calls himself- Wanderer,  as his travels are all about wandering around, exploring the places with curiosity, enjoying the new experience and living the moments.

Laxmi Sharath


Till now she has traveled to 5 continents while capturing more than 25 countries. After she had turned her passion into a career, she had won many accolades for her. Christmas Market in Europe is one of the best destinations in her list.

Mridula Dwivedi


Mridula is passionate about travel and photography. She has been featured in National Geographic’s show Travel tales from India in 2005.  She has got her blogs published on BBC and The Guardian. In 2015, she left her job to travel around the world and until now has traveled to about 26 countries.

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Ankita Sinha


Ankita is a computer science graduate who is now a full-time adventure blogger. She was always fond of traveling so she loves her nomadic life. She had gone for all India road trip with her brother and traveled to around 18 countries while creating more than 380 travel stories.

Savi and Vid


According to them, if your work is your passion then you will never feel the burden of during work. Savi and Vid is a married couple and has been traveling for more than 12 years.

Ajay Sood


His passion is to capture the sounds, sights and the stories of the places he visits. Till now, he has visited more than 20 countries. He makes the travel destination desirable through his photography skills.



She believes that real traveling cannot be done until you travel as a tourist.  You need to visit the place as a local. Her blog “Peppy Travel Girl” is amazing. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Nivi Selvaraj


Shivi started her career as a travel blogger and since then she is unstoppable and active.  She loves to travel one destination at a time. This can be seen greatly in her passion for traveling. She loves exploring the nearby places first and live life with all its variations of lifestyle.

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