Trees Produce Oxygen At Night – Imran Khan

by Madhvi Bansal
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imran khan

Pakistan ministers are known for their intelligence and wittiness. There are times when they talk serious but more often ended up making a joke out of themselves.

And this time, it is the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, said that trees produce oxygen at night. The media says that he has little knowledge about science and geography as he says that Germany and Japan are neighboring countries. He also adds that spirituality is superior to science. It is said that the prime minister of Pakistan has little knowledge about science that is why he gives useless statements. He is not aware that Germany is in Europe whereas Japan is in Asia. How could these countries be neighboring countries? 

A Pakistani journalist, Naila Inayat, shared this video on her Twitter account and captioned it “Trees produce oxygen at night: Einstein Khan shows the minister addressing an audience. ”

To improve his economy he tells the citizens of Pakistan about a business module of poultry farming. He seems to be eccentric and believes in worthless things. 

Cabinet ministers of Imran’s government are also in his favor. Sheikh Rashid, the railway minister of Pakistan challenged India and in his speech he made such statements about nuclear bombs that even his own country people started laughing at him. 

Whatever the statements were given by the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran khan, we should be aware that scientifically it has been proven that there are some trees that give out of oxygen during 24 hours of the day. 

So we cannot say that Imran Khan is 100 percent wrong but he did not clear up his statement.  Some trees like peepal, tulsi. Aloe Vera, snake plant, Christmas cactus ,and the IV can produce the oxygen at night also. 

There is very little risk of plants in the bedroom. Although during the night many plants are unable to produce oxygen due to the absence of sunlight and they create carbon dioxide instead. But some plants help you to sleep at night. English ivy is a perfect bedroom companion. It is proved that the plant can purify the air inside the house. Daisy, Erica palm, aloe Vera are also indoor plants. Plants kept inside the house can change your house’s atmosphere. Choosing the right indoor plant can help to increase the oxygen level of your house and helps to improve your household quality.

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