Trudeau Counting On India For Vaccines; PM Modi Assured Help

by Shatakshi Gupta

Currently, when the world is engaged in this global war against the Corona virus, all the countries are coming together and extending all possible help for each other. India also held talks with Canada, where it assured of giving all possible help to Canada.

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On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to his Canadian counterpart, Justin Trudeau, where India reassured Canada of providing all the support as well as assistance for Canada’s vaccination efforts.

The Canadian Prime Minister called PM Modi and explained all it’s requirements for fighting against Covid-19, especially about the Corona vaccines.

According to a statement released from the Prime Minister’s Office, PM Modi reaffirmed Justin Trudeau, “Just like India did for many other nations, it will do its best to support Canada’s vaccination efforts.”

Trudeau appreciated India

According to the statement, Trudeau appreciated India’s unprecedented medicinal potential that would contribute significantly in this fight against Covid-19. He further held in esteem Prime Minister Modi’s leadership for sharing this potential of India with the rest of the world. PM Modi thanked him, for this appreciation by Trudeau.

 Discussion on many issues including climate change

The two leaders also held mutually agreed discussions for the continunation of their close partnership on several other important issues, including climate change and the economic side effects of the Corona pandemic.

Later Prime Minister Modi also tweeted that India will do its utmost to supply Canada in accordance with the demand for Covid-19 vaccines.