UK’s Health Minister Resigns After His Kissing Photo Went Viral; People Demanding Arrest

by Shatakshi Gupta

Amid Corona pandemic, kissing girlfriend costs too much to Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hancock. Minister resigned on Sunday after people demanded him to step down, accusing him of breaking the rules of social distancing. 30 thousand people were on the streets. People were saying that he has betrayed the country. So he should be arrested. In this case, the police have also arrested more than 10 protesters.

Hancock has sent his resignation to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  Hancock wrote, “Given the sacrifices made by ordinary people in this pandemic, if we do something wrong to them, then it is our responsibility to be honest.”

Both, the minister and his girlfriend are married

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According to Britain’s news website ‘The Sun’, 42-year-old Hancock has been married for 15 years. He also has three children with his wife Martha. At the same time, the colleague with whom his affair is discussed is also married. Reports say that the two met at Oxford University.

Minster gave her job in his office

Gina Colangelo has also resigned from her position in the Ministry of Health. Opposition parties were attacking Hancock over her appointment as well. Opposition parties allege that Colangelo was appointed to the post of non-executive director in the health ministry in September 2020. Hancock had appointed her on an annual salary of 15,000 pounds for which she had to work only 15 to 20 days in a year.

 It is being told that Hancock and Colangelohave been friends since their university days. At the time of her appointment, the opposition accused Minister Hancock of abuse of his position. 

Hancock apologies to the country

 A picture of Matt Hancock and his girlfriend Gina Colangelo was revealed, in which the two are kissing each other. After this picture went viral, people were outraged on social media against Hancock. Earlier, Hancock refused to resign and apologized for breaking the Corona protocol. It is being told that the picture of both was taken on May 6. His colleagues, who came to the rescue of Hancock, say that this is his personal matter and it is not related to the post of minister.