Ukraine battles forest fires near Chernobyl

by Aditi

On Sunday night, Ukranian firefighters trying to put out two forests blazes in the area around the nuclear power station in Chernobyl, which was evacuated in 1986 because of the explosion at the plant due to to radioactive contamination.

The head of the state ecological inspection service, Yehor Firsov, said the fires had spread to about 250 acres.  The emergency service of Ukraine said that one of the fires covered around 12 acres, had been localized. The department said, the other fire was about 50 acres.

Yehor Firsov said the radiation level at the fire were considerably  higher than normal. But the emergencies service said that the radiation level was about 100 kilometers south in the capital of Kyiv, which were within norms.

The fires were established after the 1986 disaster at the plant which were spread within he 2,600 sq km Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The fire sent a cloud of radioactive which fallout over Europe. The Zone is not so populated , although 200 people have remained even after the order to evacuate the place.

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