US Comes In Support Of India; 318 Oxygen Concentrators Reached India

by Shatakshi Gupta

After the help from France, Russia and Britain, now America has also extended a helping hand towards India in times of trouble. Seeing the oxygen crisis in India, 318 oxygen concentrators from the US reached Delhi Airport on Monday.

Earlier, President Joe Biden said that India had sent aid to the hospitals of the US at the start of this pandemic. Now that India needs help,the US stands ready to help. Vice President Kamala Harris said that we are working closely with the Government of India. So that during this wave of Corona, help and equipment can be sent as quickly as possible. 

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The US will supply raw material for vaccines

The US has decided to supply raw materials to India immediately, removing the ban on vaccine raw materials.  The CEO of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pune’s Serum Institute of India (SII), Adar Poonawala had asked US President Joe Biden to remove the ban on raw material exports if we are serious against Corona.

The world was questioning America over its silence on India’s situation

Questions were being raised about America’s silence on the deteriorating situation in India. After this, US National Security Advisor (NSA) Jake Sullivan spoke to India’s NSA AjitDoval on the phone. He expressed concern over the growing Corona cases in India.  Sullivan said that the US will immediately provide the raw materials needed for the COVISHIELD vaccine being manufactured in India. Apart from this, Rapid Test Kit, Ventilators and PPE Kit will also be made available to India by the US.

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The US will send a team of experts

 The US is also looking for an option to provide oxygen and related supplies to India immediately. The US would send a team of experts who would work closely with the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), US Aid, the US Embassy and India’s Health Ministry.  America’s Development Finance Corporation (DFC) will fund the Biological E to grow so that the company can produce 10 million vaccines of COVID-19 in India by the end of 2022.

SII CEO wrote to POTUS earlier

Through social media, Adar wrote, “Respected America’s President @POTUS, If we are truly united in defeating the virus, then I request you, based on the vaccine industry outside the US, remove the restriction on the export of raw materials outside the USA, so that the production of vaccine can be increased. Your administration has detailed information about it.”