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US tops the world in COVID-19,Overtaking China and Italy

by Aditi

On Thursday, the United States earned the grim title of the country with the highest coronavirus infections with more than 82,000.

The Cases have been piled up by Thursday, crossing China and Italy in the number of the affected person. Due to vast differences in countries’ populations, the per capita rate of cases varies.  On Thursday evening, the United States had at least 82,100 cases while china reported 81,782.  More than 510,000  people have contracted coronavirus around the world.  And still, the numbers are increasing every passing day.  The government ordered lockdown which has disrupted life for billions.

According to the report of Thursday, US reported 246 new death cases and brought the total number of death cases nationwide to at least 1,195.

The world can face a global recession if not depression because in the near time no one can see the end of this deadly virus which is affection the global economy very badly.

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