The US Warns of the Increase in Sexual Assaults in Spain

by Madhvi Bansal

The US Embassy in Spain has issued on its official website a security alert alleging that there has been an increase in “sexual assaults against young visitors and American students throughout Spain” and has urged young Americans to increase measures as a precaution during their stay in Spain.

“The Ministry of Interior of Spain reports a steady increase in the number of sexual assaults nationwide during the past five years. This includes an increase in sexual assaults against young visitors and American students throughout Spain,” he explains in his alert informative the American diplomatic legation.

The Embassy notes that US citizens “victims of sexual assault in Spain” may find it “very difficult” to have to “deal with the local criminal justice system, which differs significantly from the United States system.” “The United States Embassy and the Consulate General call on students and visitors from the United States to take precautions against sexual assault during their stay in Spain,” says the US diplomatic legation.

The message from the US Embassy comes after the case of a complaint filed by three young Americans who accused three Afghans of rape, whose alleged falsehood is being analyzed by a Spanish court.


Given the current situation due to the increase in cases of sexual assault, the US Embassy has issued a series of recommendations to young Americans visiting Spain, starting with a site to consume alcohol “responsibly.”

“Do not drink beverages that have been out of your control. Use the friend’s system and travel with a friend or family member. If you are experiencing sexual assault, call 112 immediately. Also, please contact a local lawyer to help you handle the criminal justice process and protect your rights, “recommends the Embassy. Finally, the legation states that it has available to Americans a list of lawyers who speak English.