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VIVO Will Not Sponsor IPL This Year, Besides You Will Not See Any Chinese Companies’ Ads During The Event

by Shatakshi

The organisation of the IPL got a green flag from the Central Government.  Due to the ever-increasing lockdown in the country due to COVID-19, the organisation of the event was in dilemma.  But due to the postponement of the T20 World Cup, it is being organised.

It was not easy between the strained relationship between ICC and BCCI.  Organising the IPL is a relief for the board.  Conducting a tournament outside the country in such a short time is very challenging in itself.

After the IPL got the clearance, Vivo gave up the title sponsorship amid the India-China dispute.  With this, the board used to get INR 440 crore every year.  However, in the release issued by the board, Vivo has been removed for only one year.  This opened the way for his return.

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BCCI and Vivo decided to withdraw after mutual consent

 According to the information, both the board and Vivo decided to pull out.  IPL is basically a gold mine for both, in such a situation both do not want to lose it.  Both will see the situation for the next few months.  If all goes well, Vivo may return again in 7-8 months.

Now Board has to find new sponsors for the current season.  However, it is difficult to get as big as VIVO’s deal.  The matches will be without fans which will also affect merchandise sales.  However, both receive large fees from broadcasting rights.  Even though the earnings will be lower, but both will still be in good condition. 

No Ads of Chinese companies during IPL

 Advertisements of Chinese companies will no longer appear on TV and digital platforms during the tournament.  Various companies have taken such a decision because of the negative attitude of the people towards China.  Last year, Star India had a revenue of INR 2200 crore from TV and digital advertising.

 Speaking of Vivo and OPPO, both spent INR 240 crore on an advertisement during the tournament last year.  According to a report, both companies were on the list of top-10 highest advertisers during the IPL last year.  However, due to the festive season, the broadcasters can get advertisements worth 1500 to 1700 crores.

 Pro Kabaddi League also removed VIVO as title sponsor

Vivo has decided to withdraw from the title sponsor of the Pro Kabaddi League, at least for this year.  Vivo had signed the league for INR 300 crore for 2017 to 2021.  This means that the league gets 60 crores every year.  The company spends about 1 thousand crore rupees on marketing and promotion every year in the country.

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