Top 10 weird buildings in the world

by Madhvi Bansal

When there is creative freedom, there begins a strange and unusual art. It not applies to an art form but can also be witnessed in architectural designs. When architects combine the modern thought process into structural designs this is what we will witness. There are places with buildings that we admire for their structural excellence. But here we are going to present to you the top 10 weirdest buildings around the world.

1. The Crooked House – Sopot, Poland

The Crooked Housce – Sopot, Poland

This architecture in ‘The Crooked House’ has caught the maximum attention in the weirdest and strangest list of buildings around the world. The structural design is irregular to the core and it was conceptualized and executed by Szotynscy and Zaleski for a shopping center in Sopot, Poland.

2. Casa do Penedo – Portugal

Casa do Penedo

The name Casa do Penedo translates to ‘Stone House’. These two stories architectural monument resembles a house and has been designed within four larger fragments of rocks. This residential building later turned into a monument that has even featured all the basic amenities that you will expect in a stay.

3. Cubic Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cubic Houses

Have you ever imagined a village life in the middle of a city? This is the concept that has given us the weird building from Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was conceptualized by an architect from Dutch-named Piet Blom. This design features cube houses placed in alternate angles giving its weird design.

4. The Forest Spiral – Germany

The Forest Spiral

This architecture was designed purely as a residential space. The building from the late 90s has a green roof throughout the residential space with onion domes at regular intervals.

5. Lotus Temple – Delhi, India

Lotuss temple

This lotus temple goes by its name ‘Lotus’ in its architectural pattern is a place of worship. It is both the strangest and pleasant archite25 Rare Facts About Michael Jackson You Shouldn’t Missctural designs to be witnessed.

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6. Elephant Building – Bangkok, Thailand

Elephant Building

The culture of Thailand always features Elephants as a cultural symbol. There are chances you would find its significance throughout the country. This Elephant Building built in Bangkok also represents its respect for elephants. In the middle of Bangkok, you can witness this strange building with tusks made of wood and windows right placed resembling its eyes.

7. Dancing House – Prague, Czech Republic

Dancing house – Prague, Czech Republic

This dancing house located in Prague, Czech Republic was originally conceptualized to resemble two dancers. Two architects planned this strange dual building design back in the 90s. This building has gained attention and even received its due by getting featured in Koruna Coin from Czech.

8. Wonderworks – Tennessee, USA

Wonderworks - Tennessee, USA

One must see the building structure in real to believe it. It was designed on the concept that the building toppled down and fell on its roof. Wonderworks serve as an entertainment center and also a favorite destination for visitors around in Pigeon ford, Tennessee just for its strange architectural brilliance.

9. Kansas City Library – Missouri, United States of America

Kansas City Library

The south wall of the Kansas City Library gains all attention to get it listed in the weird buildings around the world. The wall resembles a single shelf in a library rack featuring some of the most popular books. Here are some of the books listed on the south wall: Romeo and Juliet, The Lord of the Rings, Tao Te Ching and much more. The wall features the exact cover designs with colors of the listed book titles.

10. House attack – Vienna, Austria

House attack – Vienna, Austria

This largest museum for modern art in Vienna, Austria has its weird architectural design in the form of house attacking its top roof. This museum features modern art from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Before you witness the art featured inside, this strange design grabs all the much-needed attention.