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What departments do for fire clearance?

by Madhvi Bansal
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The growing impact of modernisation and changing environment, fire risks are common. Not only the high rise buildings but the forests are also at the great risks of fire. This is one of the most common types of hazards with which the people all over the world are stressed about. To combat with the risk of fire accidents, the residential and commercial building owners are required to obtain the fire clearance certificate. The fire clearance certificate is a kind of ‘No Objection’ certificate   which refers that the particular building is designed with the fire safety compliance. 

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Obtaining the fire clearance certificate

Fire clearance certificate is issued by the Fire department of the different states. It is required to be obtained before the construction of the building. Generally, it is required for high rise buildings which are of more than 15 meters in height. It can be shopping malls, multiplexes, hospitals and apartments. Some major fire accidents had took place in the past few years in such types of places which triggered an alert for the people to stay safe from their end.  This is the reason why the local authorities insist on obtaining the fire clearance certificate.

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Prerequisites for fire clearance certificate

For obtaining the fire clearance certificate, you should have complete details of the building plan. It should include open space, design of the staircase, lift and electrical power supply installations.  In addition to this, the building plan should also clearly show the exit plan and the raw material used in the construction. This helps in telling whether the building is safe from the fire risk or not. Along with these, other important requirements are:

  • The building design plan should be prepared from the licensed architect only
  • There should be immediate access to the fire control device
  • There  should be provision for minimising the spread and the intensity of fire
  • Fire safety measures, fire extinguishers and fire evacuation measures should be ensured in the high rise building

 Above all, educating the people about how to handle the situation in the event of fire accidents plays an important role in minimising the loss in fire hazards.  Obtaining fire clearance certificate not only helps in reducing the risks of fire accidents but also provide legal safeguard to the owner of the building, where the fire break out.

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