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What salman khan says about PC’s exit from BHARAT?

by Madhvi Bansal

Salman Khan’s Bharat has been in the headlined since its announcement.  Its trailers are making lots of noise among Salman and non-Salman fans all over the world.  However, Salman Khan is slammed by the people on social media for his comments on Priyanka Chopra over her refusal from being a part of Bharat. Priyanka Chopra was earlier supposed to play a lead role against Salman Khan in Bharat instead of Katrina Kaif. However, she backed out because of her wedding with Nick Jonas thus Salman Khan commented on her exit from the film.

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What Salman had said?

In an event, Salman Khan had had jokingly pulled Priyanka Chopra’s leg when he was questioned about her exit from the film.  He had said that when Priyanka Chopra had the opportunity to work in the biggest film of her career, she dumped the film and got married.  He added that for such a big project, often girls dump their husbands. Soon after his comments, social media was flooded with the misinterpretation of what he had said.  His comments were represented on the social media on the basis of the literal meaning of his comments rather than the joke and the emotions behind the comments. 

 There had been several times since Priyanka’s exit from Bharat when Salman had left no occasion to comment on her. In an interview, when Katrina was asked how she has managed to prepare for the role, Salman as an interlocutor answered that Priyanka had given no time for preparation. However, he thanked Priyanka for letting them know about her exit atleast 5 days before the shooting of Bharat.

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 No personal grudges with Priyanka

Salman Khan had often said that he is having no personal grudges with  Priyanka after her exit from Bharat. He would love to work with the actress as soon as any good script comes to him for which Priyanka fits the best. The director of Bharat, Ali Zafar, had also came in the support of Salman Khan and reacted over his comments on Priyanka Chopra. He said the ones who know Salman Khan well can better understand his tongue to cheek humour.  He also blamed the media for blowing Salman’s comments in the wrong way. He didn’t actually mean it. His comments were just for the fun. 

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