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What sonali bendre says about her metastatic cancer?

by Madhvi Bansal
sonali bendre

Bollywood Actress Sonali Bendre, who was diagnosed with metastatic cancer has returned to India after nearly six months in the US where she was being treated for cancer. She has recently appeared on the cover of a magazine and is redefining life after illness.

Sharing her experience of her battle with Cancer, she said, Sometimes, when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. 44 year old actress said she has recently been diagnosed with a high grade cancer that has metastised, which we frankly did not see coming. A niggling pain led to some tests, which led to this unexpected diagnosis. My family and close friends have rallied around me, providing the best support system that anyone can ask for. I am very blessed and thankful for each of them.

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What Does Metastatis Mean?

Metastasis Cancer can be defined as, “the spread of cancer cells to new areas of the body (often by way of the lymph system or bloodstream). A metastatic cancer, or metastatic tumour, is one which has spread from the primary site of origin (where it started) into different area(s) of the body.” Tumours formed from cells that have spread are called secondary tumors. The cancer may have spread to areas near the primary site (regional metastasis), or to parts of the body that are farther away (distant metastasis),” reads the definition of metastasis on the website.

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When is cancer classified as metastatic? 

Cancer is classified as advanced when it has spread from the primary site to other parts of the body. Locally advanced cancer is when the cancer has spread to only nearby tissues or lymph nodes. While, metastatic cancer is when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, it is classified as metastatic cancer.

What are the common areas of metastasis?

The common areas of spreading of cancer or metastasis are the liver, lungs, lymph nodes and bones.

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