Whats secret behind Kareena Kapoor skin?

by Madhvi Bansal
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Kareena Kapoor Khan

Want to know how kareena kapoor maintains her gorgeous skin? While her diet and exercise have helped her maintain her slender figure, but the beauty tips for glowing skin from kareena kapoor have helped her transform her skin. Kareena kapoor khan never fails to inspire her fans and her style and looks are always trendsetters. We list the best tips for glowing skin from kareena kapoor which can also amp up your style game. Kareena kapoor face is always glowing and the beauty tips hold the secret to the same.

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Though these makeup and beauty tips are followed by kareena kapoor, it can be followed by anyone as you will soon find out. All these tips for glowing skin are easy to implement even though they are followed by the queen of bollywood. Kareena kapoor skin care is simple and her diet and control enables her get the best out of it which reflects in her well toned body and glowing skin.

Kareena drinks coconut water daily and its her secret ingredient which keeps her skin healthy – It is rich in antioxidants and contains potassium alongwith several nutrients which helps to keep you healthy. Beneficial after long exercises it is a source which hydrates your skin naturally.

One Thing She Never Misses Out On – She always removes makeup before going to bed. It hardly happens that she misses out on this important part even when she is tired after shoots.  

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The Most Important Step Of Her Skincare Routine – Kareena kapoor skin care plan is quite simple. While she tries to follow the CTM (cleanse, Tone And Moisturise) routine, the most important step which she always focuses on is moisturizing her skin. She always carries a moisturizer and ensures that her skin is hydrated at all times. 

Healthy Diet – Kareena absolutely believes that a proper healthy diet is an absolute must for a healthy body. It is even more important for getting a glowing skin. No amount of exercises and workouts can balance the ill effects of an improper diet. She religiously follows the diet plan of her dietician Rutuja Diwekar and sticks to homemade food and multiple meals throughout the day. Her diet mainly comprises of green leafy vegetables, fruits, rice, dal, curd and chappatis. She also ensures that she gets 8 hours of sleep daily.


Want Glowing Skin – Drink Boiled Water – As simple as it may sound, but a robust metabolism is very important for a healthy body and skin.