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Who All Had PM Dreams?

by Madhvi Bansal
Who All Had PM Dreams

As the Indian elections have come to a close, it is high time to analyze the candidates of the elections and their results. Therefore, it is crucial to see who the serious candidates were for the PM’s post, and how their dreams turned out. 

The first person with PM dream was Narendra Modi from the BJP, the winner

BJP’s Narendra Modi was fighting for his second term, with the support of several other parties in the NDA. He had a good record from the past 5 years, and fought his entire campaign on the rhetoric of national security. He also had a few major landmark decisions in his tenure, including GST and demonetization. This, coupled with his oration as well as a spotless record, made him a voter’s favorite. He won the elections in a landslide victory with over 300 seats to the name of BJP alone. 

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The other serious candidates included Rahul, Mamata, and Naidu 

Second in line among the serious candidates was Rahul Gandhi, leader of the INC and the second largest party in the Lok Sabha. However, due to lack of public trust and charisma in Rahul Gandhi, the party performed even worse than last time, losing their bastion Amethi to BJP as well. Third in line was TMC supremo and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee, who locked horns with the BJP, and vowed to defeat Modi in the elections. However, it seems Amit Shah is a better strategist than her, seeing as the BJP and TMC have gotten almost equal seats in West Bengal, a state which has traditionally been Mamata’s stronghold. Chandrababu Naidu, TDP chief and former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh was also a serious contender and he was at one point trying to get all non-NDA and non-UPA parties to ally under his leadership and form the third front. However, not only has he performed very poorly in the Lok Sabha, he also lost the Assembly Elections to the YSR-CP chief Jagmohan Reddy, thereby eliminating him from Andhra Pradesh politics for five years at least. 

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