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Why Cannes film festival held every year

by Madhvi Bansal
Cannes film festival

The Cannes Film Festival, also called the Festival de Cannes is an annual film festival held in the city of Cannes in France. Actors and actresses from all over the world attend this invite-only event. The 2019 Cannes was attended by celebrities of different movie industries ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood. It was concluded last month in May 2019. 

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It was first held in 1946  

The festival was first held in 1946 for the recognition of artistic achievement. Since then, it has been held continuously every year, and has gradually become a hub for the entire film industry worldwide. It has now become a rendezvous for those interested in films and art. It is a place where contracts are signed, producers meet distributors, and actors meet directors. Several much-awaited trailers and teasers are sometimes released in the Cannes. This year, the teaser of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood starring Leonardo DiCaprio was released.

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The Cannes became popular starting in the 1960s

Until the 1960s, the Cannes was just a meeting place for artists. In 1958, advocates as well as opponents of the French New Wave met at the Cannes to discuss and debate manifestos. It gradually became a place that attracted a lot of media attention and tourism, and there were a lot of scandals involving actors in the Festival. Because the Festival was attended by filmmakers and actors from industries of almost every country and language, there was a lot of controversy in selecting the movies for the awards. Therefore, an award was constituted for originality in filmmaking and making a daring film. In 1959, the Film Market was set up, giving an additional commercial layer to the festival. A former president of the Cannes award selection jury is said to have spoken, “The Cannes festival should be a no man’s land in which politics has no place. It should be a simple meeting place between friends with common interests.”

Gradually, the Cannes became more and more popular, until today where it is one of the Big Three film festivals. It is held at the Palais de Destivals every year.

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