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Why people die watching horror movies?

by Madhvi Bansal
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People have their different taste for the movies. Some love to watch the romance on the big screen while the others love the thrill and adventure. There are many people who are fond of horror movies. A number of horror movies are there which can surely make you jump out of your seat. Watching such movies require you to be courageous and daring. Since, watching the television and the big screen both directly impacts your nervous system so many times people die while watching the horror movies. There are number of movies that have cause real deaths.

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People respond to viscerally to the horror films

It is the fact that horror movies have something to do on the physical health of the audience. If you have ever watched the horror movie then you must have noticed that your heart beat increases with the rising intensity of scariness of the movie. Sometimes, you are so scared to move your muscles.  The scary scenes of the horror movies may haunt you even for years. In some of the movies, the horror scenes happen at the places which are common to people like shopping mall, bathroom, bench or workplace. Hereditary, for example, is one of the scariest movies ever made. Most of the scenes of this movie are set inside a family’s home. This makes you feel the fear when you are all alone at your home especially at night.

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Fight-or-Flight Response Kick in

Your fight-or-flight response kicks in when you watch the horror movie. This turns up your blood pressure level and heart rate. On watching such scenes, your brain takes it in to the same way as when it is happening with you in real.  Those who have the weak heart are at the high risk of getting cardiac arrest due to increased blood pressure while watching scary movies.

Hard sleep increases the health risk

Watching scary movies can make it hard for you to sleep as your mind will be scared all the time.    Scary scenes will keep replaying in your mind and prevent you from enjoying a sound sleep. You can face sleep deprivation, poor-quality sleep and difficulty in falling asleep. Lack of sleep can also affect your health.

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