Why Web Series are on boom in India ?

by Madhvi Bansal
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Web Series

These days web series are on boom in India. Big companies are producing web series and investing heavily in regional content. Web Series are gaining popularity because audience can watch web series at their convenience, people now have the freedom to watch their favorite show as and when they please and that too without advertisement breaks. TV soaps has been dominanted with the repetitive Saas bahu drama from a decade. Web series offer mature content like Live in relationships, homosexual love stories, sci-fi thrillers, crime thrillers  which mainstream soaps just can’t. Indian web Series are giving tough competition to their international counterparts and trying to work on concepts that televisions wouldn’t dare to touch.

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Web Series Content is relatable 

Web Series are gaining prominence because the content is relatable, and the viewers are able to relate with the issues they raise.  

Another reason behind is the creative freedom. As there is no censorship board cutting and trimming your shows to befit certain ‘morals’ and ‘ethics’ of the family household. Hence,the writers and directors get the full freedom to make and mold their TV shows according to their vision and direction on platforms.

Barrage of Advertisement

On Regular TV, there is the barrage of of advertisements which spoils the viewing experience, in web series viewers get option to skip along with the shorter interruption during program viewing which gels well with the viewers who value every second they spend in front of the screen.

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Budget friendly Subscription

The monthly fee for the platform is less than the price for a movie ticket at a complex. Plus these platforms allow multiple users to watch content from the same account which is a win win situation for the viewers.

All the video streaming service providers are creating more and more web series for Indian audience as India is a potential market for international leaders like Amazon and Netflix. They are exploring various cultural untouched topics. The future of Web Series is quite prominent in India as audience now value content more than melodrama. With the day to day increasing competition between different service providers the Indian users are getting benefits as they are providing them quality content.