A step towards multidiscipline: Students will be able to take admission in two-degree courses simultaneously

by TrendingNews Desk

After CUET, UGC has brought another major change in the academic landscape of India. Students will now be able to pursue two-degree courses simultaneously. These courses can be either in morning and evening shifts or one can be in physical mode and another in online mode or both in online mode. Through this mechanism, students will be able to learn multiple disciplines. However, whether to conduct such a course or not will be at the discretion of the universities. A detailed guideline will be issued soon by the commission.

According to the UGC dual degree notification, students can now pursue two academic programs at the same time, including full-time degree courses. This recent decision intends to provide greater flexibility and customization in higher education, as well as allow students to receive transdisciplinary education across multiple fields.

In line with New Education Policy:

University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said in response to a question that two-degree courses can be done by students from the same university or even from different universities. The new National Education Policy (NEP) has also recommended the introduction of two-degree courses. In this, emphasis has been laid on providing entry and exit options to the students.

Benefits of this new change:

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This initiative will save time for the students. Students will be able to study two different courses from two different universities at the same time.  This initiative will be applicable at the level of graduation and post-graduation. For unversed, UGC has recently announced to conduct a Joint Entrance Examination for admission in Central Universities in compliance with the recommendation of NEP.  The new entrance test has been named CUET ( University Entrance Test).

The expected structure of the dual degree program:

It will effectively allow students to enroll in two undergraduate, diploma, or postgraduate programs at the same time. Both degrees can be completed in physical mode, or one can be completed offline and the other online, or both can be completed offline. However, universities will have the option of adopting these standards.

As of now, different institutes have distinct entrance criteria, and the allowable combination of disciplines will vary. UGC chairman, however, said that a student will be able to pursue both a humanities and a science degree at the same time, or two degrees in the same stream. For example, if a student is pursuing a BSc in chemistry but also wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree in economics, he/she will be permitted to do so. Moreover, a student may enroll in both an offline Commerce programme during the evening shift and a full-time BA programme during the morning shift if a university allows such shifts.

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