10 Gifts For Christmas and New Year

by Shatakshi Gupta

While we were celebrating the arrival of 2020 and sharing happiness with everyone. Then people will have given different kinds of gifts to their loved ones.  Who thought that everything would change after a few months as the year changed. After the arrival of Coronavirus, the lifestyle of the whole world has changed and people have also become aware of the health risk.  From dress to food everything has changed. 

After a few days, we will enter in 2021, but the pandemic is still here with us. If you also take care of the health of your loved ones and are thinking of giving them gifts on New Year or Christmas, then you can give such gifts apposite to changed lifestyle which will help them. 

This time you can give these 10 gifts to your loved ones

Air Purifier

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 Coronavirus has had the most impact on those whose immunity system was weak. In such a situation, it is important to take care of the health.  For this, we can gift air purifiers to our close ones. Air purifiers installed in the house and rooms are easily available in the market. They are not very expensive. The advantage of this is that they reduce the level of contaminated air in the house. This does not hurt the respiratory and asthma patients.

Workout Mats

The biggest difference in the lifestyle after Corona is the habit of exercising among people.  Those who are conscious about health are doing regular exercise.  In this case, we can also gift them a good exercise mat.

Ayurvedic Kit

 Ayurvedic kits can also be gifted to people. People have been resorting to decoction since Corona to boost immunity. In this case, we can gift them a good Ayurvedic kit.

Water purifiers

 You can also gift a water purifier to your close ones. These are available in the market at low prices. Clean water prevents many diseases and also  strengthens immunity. Purifier eliminates all the particles of water, microbes, moss, viruses and fungi. So you can consider this as well.

Dry fruits Pack

During the upcoming festive weeks. We can give healthy gifts like dry fruit to our loved ones.  Dry fruit kits can be gifted to them. Keep dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, pine nuts and cashews in it. Such dry fruits are good for health. It helps in increasing immunity of people.

Bicycles for children

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 We can gift bicycle to children this year. Cycling will improve fitness and increase immunity in children. Cycling makes hands and legs stronger. So this is a perfect gifting option for a young one.


After the pandemic people have developed a new habit of monitoring their health indicators.  In such a situation, if you want to give a gift to the senior citizen, then a blood pressure monitoring machine can be a good choice. Doctors also advise them to keep a check on blood pressure.

Immunity Booster

 Amid coronavirus pandemic, immunity is most important.  Nowadays people are adopting traditional and Ayurvedic methods to boost immunity. In such a situation, you can gift an immunity booster kit to your close ones. It connects us to our traditions and is also beneficial for health.

Infrared Thermometer

 We can also gift a infrared thermometer to our close ones, which can be kept in the bag and  can be used easily. It helps in checking your body temperature.  By this we can know the symptoms of the person.

Air Purifier Plants

 The practice of keeping indoor plants increased rapidly during lockdown. These plants have multiple benefits ranging from cleaning the air to reliving the stress. Besides, these small indoor plants looks great.  In such a situation, we can also gift such air purifier plant to our close ones.