The world’s first gold plated hotel is now open in Vietnam; pool to plates everything is gold plated

by Shatakshi Gupta

If you are fond of visiting unique places then this piece of news is for you. Recently, Vietnam has ended the lockdown of three months and opens up the country. The country has opened the first gold-plated hotel in the world to welcome guests. Yes, you heard it right, The Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, is almost gold plated and first of its kind. The hotel has opened this week and it is grabbing spotlight ever since the news came out.

Bathtubs, toilets, basins and even Tea-cups are gold-plated. The hotel is situated on the bank of Lake Giang Vo in downtown Hanoi. The main attraction of the hotel is a gold-plated infinity pool with a view of the city. Not only the interiors, but the exterior of the hotel is also fully gold plated.

This five-star property, which has 24-storeys with 400 rooms and which is made up of gold plated tiles, took a long time of 11 years to build. The hotel is owned by Hoa Binh Group, which will be operated under the American brand, Wyndham Hotels.

Now after listening about the features of the hotel, you must be thinking about the tariff of the property. The cost of stay per night at the hotel is starting from 250 US Dollars ( INR 18,716).  The became very popular on social media as many netizens shared pictures of this unique hotel.

Nguyen Huu Duong, chairman of Hoa Binh group said: “The hotel wants ordinary people to the super-rich to check-in both physically and on social media.”  He further said that if there would have been no Coronavirus pandemic, the hotel would likely be fully booked with international guests.

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