Are you in your 30s ? Do Keep These 10 Cosmetic Products In Your Make-up Vanity Box

by Shatakshi Gupta

If you do not take care of your ageing skin properly, then you will start looking older than your age.  The age of 30 year is when the wrinkles start to form on the face and the glow of the face starts to fade. If you are in your 30s do not linger in caring your skin, as skin care also has to change with aging.  So if you are in aforementioned age bracket, then keep these 10 beauty products in your bag.

 Body scrub:

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It is necessary to remove the dead skin of your body at least once a week. A good body scrub will not only relieve dead skin, but will also bring back the lost shine.

 Good quality Lipstick

 A good lipstick can enhance even your simpler look. Make sure that your lipstick contains natural oil or butter, which keeps the lips shiny and healthy.

Makeup Remover

 Avoid using just soap and water to get rid of your makeup. Failure to do so damages your skin makeup and loose natural moisture.


Keep a good concealer with yourself to hide spots on your face.  While buying concealer keep in mind that it has moisturizing properties too.


Instead of applying foundation on face everyday, invest in a good primer. It makes the skin completely smooth and lasts longer on the face even in summer.

 Hair Mask:

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Apart from taking proper nutrition, you also need treat your hair externally to keep them shiny and healthy. Give hair deep conditioning once a week, for which you will need to apply a hair mask.

Body Butter:

 After getting rid of dead skin, your body needs good moisture. In addition to applying it to your entire body, apply it on your feet and arms.

Eye cream:

 After passing the age of 30, dark spots under the eyes start appearing. To reduce it, keep a good eye cream with you. Buy creams that contain peptides.

Night Cream:

This is a product that will rejuvenate your skin without much effort. Even if you don’t have time to follow the skin care routine, applying a good night cream regularly will make your skin look younger and fresher.


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Purchase a good sunscreen that keeps you away from pigmentation, dark spots, and wrinkles. Choose a product that provides protection from both UV-A and UV-B rays. If you are applying the foundation, then also make sure that SPF quality is good in it.