These Tips Will Help You In Getting A Professional Make-up Look In A Few Minutes

by Shatakshi Gupta

Nowadays, many videos are found on Instagram and on social media related to makeup.  But in reality, when we think of going with so much makeup, the lack of time comes.  If you too have been troubled by such problems, then these tips will be very useful for you.  If you do makeup in this way, your makeup will become like a professional in a pinch and you will also look beautiful.  So let’s know what those tips are?

Foundation layering

 First of all, use a foundation that matches your skin tone, so that your makeup will look natural.  Powder Foundation is available in the market.  You can use it if you want.  You can easily apply it while going in the cab.  If you want to get out in the sun, then you should choose a foundation that comes with SPF, so that your skin is not affected by the sun.

Eye liner and Mascara

Apply mascara or eyeliner on the eyes.  You can apply a colourful pencil if you want.  Nowadays, two colour eye pencil is also in trend.  It will hardly take two minutes.

Lip Colour

 After this, apply the lip colour of your choice.  Lip colour can add life to your look.  Nude shades are in trend these days.  Bold red colour lip shades look good on some people. Otherwise, go with the shade that suits your face. Lip colour gives you an altogether different look.

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 Eye shadow

 Some women like to apply brown eyeshadow on their eyes.  Some shades in this shade are also red and yellow, which make the eyes look tired.  So avoid brown eyeshadow.  If you want, you can apply pure brown eyeshadow.  It gives you a natural look.

These basic make-up tips will not take more than 15 minutes, but it will make you much more attractive.