A Hotel Which Turns Into A River During Summers; Know The Interesting Fact About His Unique Place

by Shatakshi Gupta

There are many such artistic artefacts in this world, which will be astonishing to anyone. Today, we will talk about one such a beautiful piece of work. Do you know that there is also a hotel in the world that melts into a river as soon as winter ends? Yes, it is true, Sweden has much to offer to tourists like thousands of islands, lakes, mountains and lush green forests.  But despite all this, the most special is a hotel here which is completely made of snow.

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 The Ice Hotel of Sweden has everything from walls, furniture, bars, etc. made of snow. Every year this hotel is made for tourists in the winter season i.e. December to April with snow. This hotel, completely made of snow, melts and becomes a river as soon as spring comes.  The hotel originates from the Torne River.

Since 2016, some parts of the hotel have been made permanent through solar-powered cooling technology. The hotel is very popular among tourists from all over the world. The hotel was first opened in 1992 and has many things like a complex of snow and ice, restaurants, ceremonies hall. 

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The hotel also has a Living Ocean Suite, designed by designer Jonathan Green of England.  This suite has corals and fish, giving it an even more attractive look.  Millions of tourists visit the hotel every year. The hotel is open every year till mid-April.

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Located in Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden, the Ice Hotel is the possibly most original ice hotel made entirely from snow and ice. The hotel has around 150 warm and cold beds respectively. Besides, the complex includes ice church, ice bar, ice sculpting studio and pillar hall. The hotel also includes two heated restaurants, lounge, four meeting rooms and two wilderness camps. The chandeliers adorning the main Hall comprises 1000 hand-cut ice crystals.